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Because it is aware of the specific instruction lengths of the operating system and other characteristics, the JVM is what makes Java itself platform-independent. It’s important to be aware of the fact that Java is a compiled language, which means that code is converted into machine-readable instructions before it is executed. There are a few golden nuggets that make Java stand out amongst other languages.

What does a Kotlin developer do

You will get candidates with all the required skills and extensive experience as we vet each of them to make sure they meet your expectations. You also can find skilled and experienced Kotlin developers by searching among Kotlin back-end developers and Kotlin full-stack developers. It is because the Kotlin programming language is widely used in full-stack development, which also includes front-end and back-end development. “Kotlin is a brilliantly designed, mature language that we believe will make Android development faster and more fun … Many, many developers have told us they love the Kotlin language.

We will be happy to have you on our team if you:

These aspects decrease the chance of bugs and errors appearing in the software development process. Based on the dozens of completed projects, there are lots of ready-made solutions and open-source libraries for Java development. The large Java community can be a supporting factor during how to hire a kotlin developer any challenge you may potentially face in the software development process. People believe Kotlin will soon replace Java for Android app development due to its growing popularity. The android developer community accepts and loves Kotlin, a modern, pragmatic, and cross-platform language.

What does a Kotlin developer do

In fact, Kotlin is starting to surpass many popular languages, including Java. Thanks to its intuitive syntax, developers’ productivity is increased as it takes fewer lines and less time to deploy working code. https://globalcloudteam.com/ Hiring with YouTeam allows you to get the best-matching candidate in less than 48 hours, which makes us the fastest solution on the market. Moreover, we work only with reliable software development companies.

You’ll improve the quality of the apps you build

Here in BLAKIT, we write our code in Kotlin and use Java only for maintaining old projects. For instance, the type system helps you avoid null pointer exceptions. Research academic languages tend to not have null at all, but this is of no use to software engineers working with large codebases and APIs which do. Although Kotlin can be used anywhere Java is used , it is currently predominantly used for Android app development, spurred on by Google’s official support.

  • A full-stack demo has been made with the new Kotlin/JS Gradle Plugin.
  • You can perform the same tasks and implement the same features with the help of Kotlin and Java.
  • This is another point where two programming language differs.
  • Most, if not all major tech companies require a good understanding of data structures and algorithms.
  • Firstly, the language is platform independent, meaning that programs written in Java can run on any operating system that has a Java Virtual Machine .
  • Data Scientists have always used Java to crunch numbers, detect trends, and make predictions — so it only makes sense that Kotlin would find a home in data science as well.

Android development has become Kotlin-first since Google I/O in 2019. This is because Kotlin is considered better than Java in many cases. Since it is 100% interoperable with Java, developers can use this as little or as much of Kotlin language as they want. So, Android engineers can use both languages when building a mobile product as well as migrate their applications from Java to Kotlin.

Compile time and performance

Kotlin is a timesaver for developers because it provides more concise code. Developers can write programs with less boilerplate code, increasing their productivity. It’s an object-oriented programming language that produces software for multiple platforms. Java is mostly used for Android and web-based apps, financial and retail services, and science and research. Kotlin’s clean language design and powerful features offer an accessible user experience. Rather than introducing new concepts, Kotlin brings together programming language features that have proved to be beneficial for large-scale projects for some time now.

What does a Kotlin developer do

This official website is a great start to learn the Kotlin language with its detailed and comprehensive documentation along with step-by-step tutorials. The majority of Kotlin developer salaries currently range between $113,000 to $147,000 with top earners making $158,000 annually across the US. So, now you know what skills you should have and what responsibilities you have, let’s move to the salary part. Hire highly-skilled on-demand teams to build sustainable, secure, and strategic digital solutions.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Experience in the architecture, flow, design, development, and release of mobile apps. While Kotlin is not a replacement for Java, it integrates well with the language, making it simple for developers to use both Kotlin libraries and Java at the same time. As a result, new job titles such as Kotlin Android developers and Kotlin developers have appeared. This blog attempts to clarify the tasks and responsibilities of Kotlin developers, as well as their salaries, scope and required abilities. We all know that the more years of experience, the higher you will get. The salary of Kotlin developers depends on many factors such as expertise level, country, and skills.

What does a Kotlin developer do

Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile is intended to be a software development kit for creating cross-platform mobile applications. This means that from one Kotlin code base, you’ll be able to compile apps that run on not just Android phones but also iPhones and the Apple Watch. This project is currently in the alpha stage but has a lot of promise.

Kotlin: when should it be the preferred language?

IOS developers earn about $106k/yr and React Native and Flutter developers get a slightly lower amount of ~$95k/yr. Developers often use Kotlin for server-side development, which allows writing classes and functions which developers can later use for the JVM of the application. It is also possible to use it for front-end development which will compile JavaScript and will run on browsers and other platforms, such as macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Spring MVC is an HTTP-oriented model-view-controller module of Spring that allows developers to build flexible web applications.