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Let’s illustrate this concept by looking at a process that has been traditionally thought of as unpleasant and frustrating for customers but can now be stress-free and even enjoyable – buying a new car. As you can see in the graphic below, as the car buying experience moves from traditional marketing methods to digital ones, it becomes more controlled by the buyer and more personalized to them. Businesses that are more mature in their marketing give customers more of what they want, and in turn, they get more of what they want too. Maturity value is the amount due and payable to the holder of a financial obligation as of the maturity date of the obligation.


Part of this means a student is able to keep commitments even when they’re no longer new, novel, or they don’t feel like it. Each of these judgements is usually based on observing someone’s behavior and then concluding that it somehow doesn’t match an expected behavior that may or may not have been negotiated with the individual being observed. With this information, we can gain greater clarity on some of the ways that “maturity” is used as a qualifier .

Marketing automation is a type of software that allows companies to effectively target customers with automated marketing … Hard skills are specific abilities, capabilities and skill sets that an individual can possess and demonstrate in a measured way. A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and other interested people …

This state of helplessness provides for an intensely close bond between infant and mother, where separation is infrequent and babies are rarely out of a caregiver’s arms. For non-human primates and all non-human mammalian species the growth of the first permanent molar marks the end of lactation and the beginning of foraging, setting an early requirement for independence. Elder, when one’s children become young adults and/or people reach what is commonly called ‘middle age,’ they have entered the elder stage of maturity from a psychosocial perspective. At this stage of life, he has a good understanding of how relationships work and probably strives to avoid unnecessary drama. In addition, he has probably had to deal with some distressing situations, such as the death of a loved one, and knows how to respond to this kind of scenario.

Origin of maturity

He said it made him upset, but instead of responding in anger he thanked the other kid for letting him know. I let him know how proud I was of him and that it was an example of maturity. I started to think about other attributes that make a mature person. The simple answer is that a better understanding will help you use the word more precisely and possibly give you a deeper insight into what’s going on when you observe “mature” or “immature” behavior.

  • Tasks such as building or buying a home, establishing boundaries with others, and an orderly and safe environment, and networking with peers are common during this stage.
  • Maturity is the agreed-upon date on which the investment ends, often triggering the repayment of a loan or bond, the payment of a commodity or cash payment, or some other payment or settlement term.
  • The world doesn’t owe me a life or anything, much less honor, love, and a red carpet.
  • The maturity date will be clearly stated in a bond prospectus, the document you’ll get if you’re interested in investing.

Therefore, No. 4 (Identifying with – and taking the side of – older mergers and acquisitions for dummies by bill snow.) could give out wrong impression. Instead, the ability and willingness to identify themselves with younger folks increases the level of maturity perceived by colleagues. I’d suspect also on #1, as a consequence of incentives from childhood onwards. If you can best gain appreciation from work (which, in childhood/education, means brain-work) rather than making people laugh, you’ll develop that skill. Having a sense of socially appropriate behavior and acting accordingly, where socially appropriate behavior is consistent with responsible behavior.

How is maturity used in real life?

They don’t argue “just to be right” or to show dominance to be in charge. They keep an open mind and have open ears and eyes to look for situations where they may be able to learn something, as well as know when they may have something positive to contribute to a situation that can help others. Taking Ownership & Responsibility- An emotionally mature person is able to own up to their own mistakes and not immediately look to blame others.

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Time management is one of the obvious signs of a mature person. More mature people understand the value of time and use time effectively. They don’t like to waste their time as well as they respect other people’s time equally important in personal and professional settings. In bonds, the term to maturity is the length of time during which interest is paid. When it reaches maturity, its owner is repaid the principal.

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The tipping point of emotional maturity is when you deeply absorb the most fundamental trait of eternal happiness. The world doesn’t owe me a life or anything, much less honor, love, and a red carpet. If I don’t like what or how I am feeling about life, circumstances, and people around me, it is I who has to work towards change. Stagnant thoughts and feelings obstruct the path of emotional maturity. It is impossible to be self-reliant and joyous without growing up emotionally. One can be fit as a horse but of what use it is if they are still braying.

internal maturation process

Structured notes are securities issued by financial institutions with a fixed maturity whose value is derived from one or more underlying assets, and the return is linked to the performance of those assets. Structured notes are usually illiquid, so an investor should expect to hold on to the note until maturity. Callable bonds allow the issuer to retire a bond before the maturity date. The issuer pays the par value and any interest accrued to date. The date the principal is required to be paid out, along with any outstanding interest payments. An investor deposits an amount of money with the agreement to leave it deposited for a fixed amount of time.

Maturity has different definitions across legal, social, religious, political, sexual, emotional, and intellectual contexts. The age or qualities assigned for each of these contexts are tied to culturally-significant indicators of independence that often vary as a result of social sentiments. The concept of psychological maturity has implications across both legal and social contexts, while a combination of political activism and scientific evidence continue to reshape and qualify its definition. Because of these factors, the notion and definition of maturity and immaturity is somewhat subjective. Knowing That They Don’t Know Everything- An emotionally mature person knows what they don’t know, and also knows that their own way of doing things may not be the only way or even the best way.

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https://forexbitcoin.info/ is the date on which the life of a transaction or financial instrument ends, after which it must either be renewed or it will cease to exist. The term is commonly used for deposits, foreign exchange spot trades, forward transactions, interest rate and commodity swaps, options, loans, and fixed income instruments such as bonds. Broadly, maturity is the ability to respond to a situation in an age-appropriate manner.

Word History

It is the ability to love unconditionally and to adjust to certain circumstances, people, and times when necessary. Another definition of maturity in a relationship is allowing your partner to freely pursue their individual interests and friends. The wiser they get, in fact, the more they realize they need more wisdom. They’re not ashamed of seeking counsel from more experienced people, from dependable friends, or from God, in prayer. I have found that the more I mature, the more grateful I am for both big and little things in my life. Immature children presume they deserve everything good that happens to them.


You can take the first step in this process by discovering where your organization sits within the marketing maturity journey. In psychology, maturity can be operationally defined as the level of psychological functioning one can attain, after which the level of psychological functioning no longer increases much with age. Maturity influences a person’s ability to truly commit to a relationship for life and understand that commitment implies giving up all other partner choices.

The Balance uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. Conversely, it is unwise to commit money to an investment with a distant maturity date if there is a chance you will need the principal before the maturity date, as penalties for early withdrawal may apply.