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cycle time charts
code churn

Code churn is often used as a code stability measure as it refers to the frequency of code changes over time. If your team often needs to rewrite its code to accommodate new features, your software system will require high maintenance. The stability of your code is one of the most challenging KPIs for software development. You can either trace the changes in code within the software or report them. Alternatively, you can track how frequently these changes occur to determine what will be done next. Though it may come as a surprise, software engineering and writing go hand-in-hand.

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In the hustle and bustle of corpohttps://trading-market.org/ life, everyone wants everything done yesterday. But we all know that is impossible, so we are here to give you the next best thing. Since our engineering reporting solutions are constantly pulling data and storing it in one central location, up-to-date reporting is just one click away. The use of an engineering KPI dashboard helps to consolidate your data by bringing everything to one centralised location.

Why do companies need to measure developers’ KPIs?

KPI for software development is something that you shouldn’t neglect. There are lots of ways and techniques you can measure your company’s performance and your team’s productivity. So, KPI for software engineering should become one of your primary goals. It will set the right process, predict timeframes, and show good results to your customers.

To understand whether the flow is effective, you should take the ratio between the active time and the total time. This is done to identify where “work in progress” is just a status and developers can’t get this work done due to certain obstacles. This allows tracking the times of standstill and optimizing your workflow.

  • Work Log is a valuable data visualization which offers you a certain level of engineering metrics.
  • Developer productivity isn’t only focusing on the quantitative part of the software being developed; this isn’t the solution.
  • Of course, evaluating performance in specific numbers is essential, but it’s equally about people and their unique qualities and skills, which cannot be overlooked.

Cumulative flow is one of the key software engineering KPIs that depicts what state your software tickets or tasks are in using a visual diagram. Various colors on the diagram will represent stages such as ‘approved,’ ‘backlog,’ ‘acknowledged,’ ‘in progress,’ etc. Cumulative flows are beneficial to stabilize workflows when or if you find any bottlenecks in development. Alternatively, you can also measure the customer acquisition cost , which evaluates the total money spent on sales and marketing to acquire a new customer. Comparing your CAC and CLV, you can understand the efficiency of your team’s efforts to gain new customers.

Tasks Finished Per Iteration

Ultimately, this KPI allows you to track standstill periods and optimize your workflow. The significance of KPIs for software development projects cannot be understated. Setting even a single software metric can help you in the following ways. Code simplicity is a more general software engineering KPI and there are multiple metrics you can use to measure it.

The primary purpose here is to select KPIs to help adjust the development process towards your business goals and achieve the end product’s required quality. The first step in setting and managing KPIs is understanding the organization’s business goals. Software engineering teams should align their KPIs with the organization’s overall goals and understand how their work contributes to achieving them. This will help leaders identify which metrics are most important to track and how they can measure progress and performance. Whether they’e on the same team or cross-department collaborators, it’s a critical partnership for product-centric development and delivery.

CloudZero is the only solution that enables you to allocate 100% of your spend in hours — so you can align everyone around cost dimensions that matter to your business. Divide the total operational time for a given period by the total number of failures to get the mean. This KPI can also help you discover unplanned tasks when you find your work keeps increasing or is stagnant instead of reducing.

Key performance indicators indicate how well your development efforts are aligning with business objectives. What’s more, Private StackShare for Teams can keep track of tool adoption stages, open source utilization, and even version controls. When combined with Architectural Decision Records , developers have a clear understanding of why a specific technology was chosen.


Also known as test software development kpi metrics, this KPI determines the amount of source code executed while testing. Any of your code that doesn’t execute may have a few undetected bugs, and while 100% code coverage is an unrealistic goal, higher coverage is usually better. Just like any other undertaking, fulfilling objectives means being intentional about how one can complete them. Similarly, establishing KPI metrics and ensuring your team is dedicated to seeing them through will guarantee successful project completion and high-quality software development.

Trending insights and tools for software engineering leaders

To quickly build digital products with effective UX designs, software engineering leaders must leverage design systems that promote reuse and assembly. 89% of boards of directors now see digital as part of their overall business strategy. This makes cross functional collaboration with software engineering critical to business success. Leverage Gartner’s research, insights, tools, diagnostics, and case studies to help further digital inititaives. Insights, resources and tools equip software engineering leaders to deliver scalable, secure digital products. CloudZero also enables engineering teams to drill into cost data from a high-level down to the individual components that drive their cloud spend.


We are an international software development company and certified partner. What concerns finances, companies measure their revenue and profits. The measurements include the net profit after there were deductions as to company expenses, taxes, and interest payments. This is done to understand how much money the organization has to meet the annual spending plan.

These KPIs generally estimate the time needed from initiation to the product’s full release. Checking them, you can determine blockers and ways to streamline and fast-forward the process in any way you can. There’s no denying that quality performance in software development is imperative for project success. Such performance does require continuous monitoring of various metrics, which in this context, are known as KPIs for software development. At any rate, having an organized method for measuring progress in your software development process will result in an increased return on investment . For example, the traditional software metrics above work best for development teams that use a waterfall model for development.

For Companies

Often, long deploy times are caused because only senior members of the team are allowed to merge code into production. While this is well-intentioned, it can really slow you down. Fast deployment team also fosters a culture of speed in your team. If your engineers know that their code is going to have to wait a long time to be deployed, they’re going to be less motivated to move efficiently through the other stages of the SDLC. Deployment frequency is how often a software team pushes code into production. As a team lead, you can plan more accurately, which helps to foster alignment across the company and create a high-performing organization.

business goals

Deployment frequency tracks how often your teams deploy code to production. It’s a good measure of the value your engineering teams can deliver to customers. However well-oiled your workflow may be, it can fail to deliver sufficient value if you’re not deploying frequently enough. To track, measure and evaluate software engineers’ performance as an engineering manager, you need to understand whether it has achieved the desired results.

You’ll manage to release a top-grade product with no accompanying risks. Cycle time is a KPI software development metric that measures how much time the team spends working on a task. Cycle time charts are used by Scrum Masters and Product Owners to control the efficiency of the development process. PR size is a measure of the total number of lines of code modified in a pull request. Developers are less likely to introduce errors or bugs when pull requests are small and easy to understand, making this process indicator easy to implement. They become simpler to test and evaluate, allowing team members to provide more extensive feedback.

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Ideally, you want to keep your lead time low, as it shows your teams are quick to adapt to feedback and deliver on their goals. These indicators aren’t expressed numerically but through feelings or opinions. For example, employee retention, developer experience, and the employee net promoter score are all qualitative indicators.

  • Each week we share stories and advice from engineering and product leaders striving to be better for their teams.
  • We may look to KPIs that only reflect volume, but neglect to consider added value.
  • Cycle Time indicates how fast code goes from a developer’s workstation to production.
  • KPI for the engineering department makes you enhance the quality of your code and produce flawless software afterward.

Team Performance is an extremely useful set of metrics that you can customize with Waydev for each engineer. For example, high churn rates can tell about an engineer fiddling with code, whereas a high focus on legacy refactoring can tell about engineers that minimize technical debt. Work type is a set of metrics that shows you the highest types of work an engineer is focused on. Willingness to help each other is a crucial element of teamwork.

Different colors on the diagram would represent different stages like ‘Approved’. These colors are arranged in bands with the width of the band correlating to cycle time. Cumulative flow demonstrates what state your software tasks, or tickets, are in by employing a visual diagram. The same metric will give you an estimation of how fast your team will complete future tasks. Businesses will have hard data to show stakeholders when they can expect an ROI post-release. Likewise, you can update enthusiastic customers about delays or early releases.

This metric looks at how quickly engineering code can be reviewed and is often employed at the manager level. A Net Promoter Score is used to assess customer satisfaction with the software product after it has gone to the public. An increasing escaped defects number points to a flawed quality process and can signal that code requirements should be reconsidered before releasing. It characterizes the period when software engineers explore various potential solutions to a problem. Then the Churn gets lower after the solution is chosen and further refined.