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You can effortlessly find millions of torrents on this uTorrent search engine site. Later Torrentz2.eu was also shut down by the authorities. However, you can still access several clones of this torrent search engine website. This popular movie torrent search site has a humungous selection of movies from different genres. The unfortunate part is you won’t be able to apply filters on the search. By considering its simplicity, never mistake it to judge XTORX as a less powerful torrent search engine.

Some of those — like notifications, IP blocklists, Scheduler, and Extractor — come built into Deluge’s current version, but many more third-party options are available. If you want to know the facts behind the answer, is Utorrent safe? And check the sources of the files and the destinations.

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Tixati uses the BitTorrent protocol to transfer files and provides useful information about the files. When you click on a magnet link, Tixati will open automatically and provide information about the file and its seeders, including their IP addresses and locations. Tixati also has an event logger, which helps you keep track of your data usage.

  • This is nice post for torrent tracker and thanks a lot fro sharing with us .
  • But it can be changed as the torrent client is fully customizable.
  • Most of today’s slow download speeds are cause by PEERS and SEEDS running too many active torrents at the same time.
  • To be safe, always download from the official uTorrent website.

Since Bitport is not only a torrent client but also a cloud storage service, the files you open from it will still be kept in the cloud unless removing the files by yourself. When it comes to how to open a magnet link in Chrome, you could use another distinctive function of MultCloud called Remote Upload. Remote Upload allows you to add files through a magnet link directly to your cloud drive. You will learn about how to open a magnet link on different devices through some useful tools like MultCloud, uTorrent, and Bitport with step-by-step clear instructions.

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The main benefit of magnet links is that they are faster to download than other methods. Magnet files also require less data storage and can be distributed in many forms. In addition, Magnet links allow you to download any number of files simultaneously.

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After you finish downloading a file, you’ll become a seed automatically, and start uploading that file for others to download. We highly recommend using a VPN before torrenting anything. Users who torrent certain types of files have been known to receive copyright infringement notices from their ISPs.