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And copyright trolls will see your IP in the torrent swarm, which they can then use to track down your ISP. Making sure that the network extras are turned on for public trackers is important, as it will ensure the best and fastest connections to seeds and peers. This is important if you’re using a VPN, since these programs can slow down your connections considerably. Ultimately, it will depend on the client and configuration you end up using when you torrent. There are dozens of highly-recommended clients out there which integrate very well with the various VPNs available. Some other clients have feature sets which are very conducive to privacy and general safety.

However, if you upgrade your macOS to Catalina, your Classic uTorrent will not work. Since the macOS Catalina (version 10.15), uTorrent Classic for macOS (32-bit app) is no longer supported. In early September , the uTorrent client was automatically updated from uTorent Classic to the uTorrent Web for macOS. So, if you are using new macOS, your only option is uTorrent Web for Mac.

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The private trackers consist of high-quality torrents. If someone finds an infected torrent file, they can report it, which leads to file deletion. Also, the person who uploads the bogus torrent file gets banned. Thus, private torrent trackers are more recommended to use for all such reasons. Beow you’ll find a little guide on how to configure your BitTorrent client in order to achieve high download speeds in your BitTorrent client and speed up BitTorrent downloads. Pay attention during the installation, to prevent installing unwanted crap.

  • This process will decrease the chances of being infected with malware and viruses.
  • Modifying registry values can be a risky operation (if you don’t know what you are doing).
  • Once you’ve settled on what you’d like, you can go ahead and click on OK.
  • It includes the likes of the all-time favorite TPB, Limetorrents, Rarbg, etc.

If you have a download-to-seed ratio that is greater than 1, meaning you download more than you upload, then you are considered a leecher. Take note that although seeding a torrent is not the same as downloading it, it is still recommended that you remain connected to your VPN while seeding. It’s important to remember that seeding can still leave you vulnerable, so it’s best to keep your guard up and stay protected with a VPN. UTorrent, then you know how frustrating it can be when you have acquired the torrent you’ve been looking for, only for the download to start moving at snail’s pace. Fortunately, there are ways to go around such frustrations.

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By default, Windows Firewall doesn’t allow BitTorrent client to utilize your internet connection. So, to make it work and download fast, you are required to unblock your Bittorrent application from Windows Firewall. It is basically a server whose main task is to track which seeds and peers are sharing the uTorrent for downloading and uploading. It’s always good to go with most seeders and peers when choosing a torrent to download.

Moreover, ensure that someone in your house isn’t streaming videos or doing other bandwidth-heavy activities when you’re trying to run a speed test. Yes, you surely can but make sure the torrent file has enough seeders. It will take time depending on your ISP internet speed. There are many ways to increase download speed on this list.