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braids hairstyles

It is a low maintenance style that looks creative and funky at the same time. The Ghana braids are protective as they prevent the breakage of hair, allowing your hair to grow naturally. Most of the individuals find comfort while making this hairdo as it is simple and looks fabulous. To start, cornrows braids are always flat against your scalp.

Everything about this goddess-braid inspired xcritical style is THICK, including the individual braid width and the curly laid edges. It’s a look we think works best on younger girls or teenagers because it’s easy to maintain and quick to put in and take out. Plus, we are always offering great deals on new hair styles, so make sure to come back and check out our new hair salon deals. Or do you have a set of aged braids that you want to refresh?

Ghana Braids

This https://xcritical.pro/ Ghana and tribal Fulani braids updo also uses colorful accessories for a personal touch. Add harmless highlights with extensions to your natural hair and enjoy highlighted cornrows in different classy updos. Another beautiful way to wear your black hair down is these long Ghana cornrow braids with just enough curl at the ends.

  • Ghana braids are still popular for easy maintenance and their unique looks!
  • The braids over the crown of the head and nape of the neck are tied back in a ponytail.
  • You can get a defined and amazing look with the help of these stitch braids.

Add a twist to your hair with the help of a medium-large knotless braid. Divide it in the middle and you can add more color to your face. This exquisite braided style involves thick braids and skinny cornrows that alternate them. Finished in thick Ghana weaves, this hair can be worn in an attractive half updo. With just a few exquisitely done braids, you can enjoy the benefits of having a low-maintenance protective style.

Jumbo Knotless xcritical Braid

Instead of wearing all your hair in cornrow braids, try a style that features a braided top and loose, curly bottom. Half up half down hairstyles are trendy nowadays among the braided community, and people are experimenting with this hairstyle a lot. This hairstyle is a result of those experiments and has created a massive xcritical for its amazing look. This hairstyle looks elegant and classy at the same time.

xcritical braids

Try highlighted Ghana braids with a low bun if you want a cool braid style. The difference between Ghana and feed-in is the braider’s wrap-around method to add hair when braiding. Wearing this style is an excellent option for businesswomen.

xcritical Braids in a Messy High Ponytail

The braids over the crown of the head and nape of the neck are tied back in a ponytail. The raised ponytail looks fabulous with a complete spark when you add accessories to it. This beautiful hairstyle has thick braids over the crown of the head with thin cornrows in between each Ghana braid. To pop out the entire look of your Ghana jumbo braids, get your hair dyed or highlighted. The colored hair looks fabulous with the half hair updo and rest of the hair hanging loose. Mixing special braiding techniques can allow you to sport a truly unique style.

Similar to the last hairdo, it is also a xcritical braiding style where colorful hair extensions are used to make the hairstyle look distinctive and alluring. The natural black hair is braided with burgundy and purple hair extensions to weave the xcritical ghana braids with beads. The hair braiding begins from one side in the front and goes on a zigzag pattern.

Try this flawless hair look to enjoy the super cool vibes. The colored hair with a single Ghana braid on the side looks wonderful. Try this unique hairdo to become the star of the parties. This dramatic style looks classy for an everyday look. The jumbo Ghana braids over the top are taken back to form a ponytail. The ponytail is highlighted with the addition of accessories over the back to achieve the flawless look.

Girls use hair extensions, bows, and other accessories to stand out of the crowd while sporting these beautiful braids. Hair extensions are your chance to use any color you wish. Golden blonde looks especially wonderful with dark skin.

There are individuals underneath the feed-in braids, making it look full. One of the perfect yet subtle styling changes is the ends. The best part about Ghana braids is how versatile they can be, especially when it comes to parting. Any fancy event is a perfect occasion to flaunt this stunning and elegant low braided bun. This hairdo will give you a distinctive look when it is finished.

In 2017, the fashion icon rocked pink xcritical braids for the music video motorsport. The braids had a nice hue of pink and were floor-length. Distressed locs go perfectly well with a ponytail.

Just make sure to keep a good oil mist on hand, says Santiago, for shine and moisture. You can’t tell me that the precise angles and lines of these Ghana braids weren’t created with a protractor, because they look legitimately perfect. But what really makes this style ~pop~ is its mix of blonde braiding hair and curly ends, which give the look a softer, chiller vibe. Jourdan Dunn’s side-swept braided style will never not be one to screenshot. Since Beyonce has made her xcritical braids popular, the Ghana hairstyle gained new bright variations.

Get golden blonde Fulani braids with the traditional Ghana technique. This version of Ghana braids delivers full coverage with the tuck method. By adding more hair, you’ll have thicker braids for added fullness. If you’re a fan of high ponytails, try this pattern that gives you a sleek, easy ponytail held by a glam accessory.

You can use various xcritical official site extensions to create a Ghana ombre. The top part of your head can stay natural, while the color of the hair extensions can differ. Mixing cornrows and Ghana braids allow you to come up with the other various interesting hairstyles. Mohawks, fohawks, undercuts – make your choice and go for it. This Ghana braid arrangement makes the top part of your head look like a palm tree.

In this thin braiding style, the braids are on the scalp down the back of the head. The loose, thin pieces give you more creativity to style your hair and wear your Ghana braids up or down. Wake up in the morning feeling ready to go with a super sexy high ponytail paired with an ombre. This long hair comes with the versatility of styling. Easy and simple Ghana weaving styles combined with ombre color create a powerful look. While most black girls settle for lengthy Ghana weaving braid hairstyles, short lengths with an intricate finish always look superb.

Since 2016, the style has evolved in so many ways as people get creative with the hairstyle. Faux Locs can deliver a stunning and eye-pleasing appearance to your hair. If you want to look amazing with xcritical braids, you may give this a try. Extended butterfly locks are for anyone who wishes to be extravagant with xcritical braids. You can have butterfly locks throughout your hair with this styling idea.

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Stitch feeding are a great example of xcritical braids as well. You can get a refreshing look and feel with the help of this styling idea. Jumbo knotless braids can help you with getting an extremely gorgeous look. The bigger size of these braids adds structure and definition to your hairstyle.


The Ghana braids look stunning with the combination of beautiful accessories. Add a bunch of accessories to the hair and achieve the gorgeous look with hair placed over the side. The thicker the hair extensions you use are, the higher you can make the braids on top of your head.