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Other states employing how to become a security specialist specialists, like Texas and California, also nurture bustling tech economies. Metropolitan areas known for their tech industries, like Washington, D.C., and Newark, New Jersey, provide work for thousands of security specialists.

It is done by preventing unauthorized entry into the organization’s network architecture. It consists of tools that guard the network and applications running on it. Generally, it can be categorized into access control and Threat Control. Sandbox also falls under this category, where unwanted malware objects can be captured. Infrastructure security covers the protection of physical and digital assets through the architecture itself.

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The following list of cybersecurity job titles is just an example of your options. Cyber Security Specialists are tasked with keeping the networks, data and systems safe. They are responsible for the integrity and security of the organization’s network and must keep all data secure. To accomplish this, they typically work with a team of other Cyber Security Specialists and usually work directly with other employees and department leaders as security issues arise. These professionals usually find themselves employed by small organizations with slim budgets.

  • A security architect’s main task is to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s systems.
  • CompTIA certifications establish a baseline foundation of skills that you can build upon with other vendor or technology-specific certifications.
  • They also keep themselves abreast of any new threats, as, with time, cyberattacks continue to evolve and grow in sophistication.
  • Cybersecurity specialist is a fascinating and multi-faceted position in a dynamic, fast-growing field.

Demonstrating relevant experience is another critical component of landing a job as a cybersecurity professional. This can come in the form of additional, related work experience, a planned internship, or other structured hands-on learning. Explore accredited cybersecurity degrees that develop practical skills through hands-on projects. Programs should feature current tools and languages and offer a collaborative environment. A concentration like vulnerability management or security management may help you reach your goals. A security specialist needs to be an expert in data collection and analysis skills.

Top 6 Free Online Cybersecurity Courses to Supercharge Your Career in 2023

CASP+ is an advanced certification that validates critical thinking and judgment across a spectrum of security disciplines in complex environments. Network+ certifies the essential skills needed to confidently design, configure, manage and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks. Monitor cyber communications on Top Secret, Secret, and Unclassified networks. Diagnose and resolve hardware and operating systems issues with the XPS line of PC’s.


Sometimes, cybersecurity specialists must work overtime to react to security threats or track vulnerabilities found through testing or analytics. Cybersecurity specialists are expected to have some form of formal education in a cybersecurity-related stream. Although this is not mandatory as some security specialists tend to take unconventional paths, acquiring a degree in a security-related field such as computer science can help.

What does a Cyber Security Specialist do?

They are usually from a computer science background and possess the ability to decode human psychology. It allows them to manipulate, play, and trick people’s minds into revealing essential information or force them into performing dubious actions.

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